How alternatives to VMWare are ruling the hosting scene

Virtualization is ruling the hosting scene and every hosting service provider wants to deliver the best using this tool. While various versions of virtual machines have been tried and tested in the past and delivered nil results, the developers are now able to extract only the core of the virtual machine software and use it to create raw technology that served various specific purposes.

Go virtual with the hosting service

How about using a hosting service that works on virtual server allocation? The answer to this inquisitive approach of using only the crux leaving the kernel behind lies in Cloud Desktop Hosting. Service providers are now able to provide virtual desktops that have all requisite features crucial to the working of various industrial sectors like healthcare, law, engineering, finance, taxation and many more. The subscribers get a number of desirable features using virtual desktops, such as:

  • Freedom from maintenance and overheads
  • Better peace of mind due to complete defeat of malware and other phishing attacks
  • Complete data security
  • Better use of older desktops

Since all the resources are centralized at a web location, the user can access them on any device irrespective of its version. Thus, the users can have newest of technology running in the older computer systems – a convenience every computer owner dreams of possessing.

Maintain cost with virtual desktops

Virtual Desktop Provider like Apps4Rent has solved the cost concerns to a great extent. They have been able to translate the whole of the physical desktop into its virtual counterpart and the user finds it very convenient to access the required resource only when needed. This need-based use of resources proves to be beneficial in two ways. First, the cost is reduced to bare minimum as there is no need of creating a massive hardware pool. Second, the continuity of the work is never lost. The users can keep the virtual desktops on always and can continue working from the point they left in the previous session.

Thus, there is a scope for better project management with this alternative to virtual machine software as it uses the raw naked portion of technology to accomplish the functional goals.

Manage teams better with alternatives to VMWare

Apps4Rent has launched an accomplished hosting service with SharePoint Online Support, whose servers reside in Microsoft run data centers. Thus, the subscribers get the uninterrupted support of proven data maintenance specialists, a situation that is quite favorable for running business with no downtime.

SharePoint is available online and the users can collaborate with each other on any android device. Thus, it is only due to the flexibility of this hosting service that the users can manage their team activities without staying glued to their work stations. The users get full access to all the resources provided in the office premises. Thus, imagine the detailed nature of the presentations made using SharePoint where the presenter has full office on his fingertips to paint a technologically advanced picture in front of the client. This complete access to resources anywhere anytime is what virtual desktops and virtual hosts promise to deliver to their client.

Get synchronized better with virtually collaborating software

SharePoint from Apps4Rent, a Microsoft Cloud Service provider is complete collaborative software that helps in achieving real time synchronization of information across the connected devices. Thus, all the team members have the most updated information pool, all of which is in sync with the companion users. All the subscribers can select the suitable SharePoint Plans according to their operational needs.

Users need a systematic hosting solution that provides ample storage facility, easy content management, better approach towards problem solving and synchronized collaboration of activities. Such coordinated networks find their best use in present scenario where projects are maintained across the globe with team members operating from various geographical coordinates. Hence, go truly virtual with alternatives to VMWare and enjoy higher degree of freedom.