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How alternatives to VMWare are ruling the hosting scene

Virtualization is ruling the hosting scene and every hosting service provider wants to deliver the best using this tool. While various versions of virtual machines have been tried and tested in the past and delivered nil results, the developers are now able to extract only the core of the virtual machine software and use it to create raw technology that served various specific purposes.

Go virtual with the hosting service

How about using a hosting service that works on virtual server allocation? The answer to this inquisitive approach of using only the crux leaving the kernel behind lies in Cloud Desktop Hosting. Service providers are now able to provide virtual desktops that have all requisite features crucial to the working of various industrial sectors like healthcare, law, engineering, finance, taxation and many more. The subscribers get a number of desirable features using virtual desktops, such as:

  • Freedom from maintenance and overheads
  • Better peace of mind due to complete defeat of malware and other phishing attacks
  • Complete data security
  • Better use of older desktops

Since all the resources are centralized at a web location, the user can access them on any device irrespective of its version. Thus, the users can have newest of technology running in the older computer systems – a convenience every computer owner dreams of possessing.

Maintain cost with virtual desktops

Virtual Desktop Provider like Apps4Rent has solved the cost concerns to a great extent. They have been able to translate the whole of the physical desktop into its virtual counterpart and the user finds it very convenient to access the required resource only when needed. This need-based use of resources proves to be beneficial in two ways. First, the cost is reduced to bare minimum as there is no need of creating a massive hardware pool. Second, the continuity of the work is never lost. The users can keep the virtual desktops on always and can continue working from the point they left in the previous session.

Thus, there is a scope for better project management with this alternative to virtual machine software as it uses the raw naked portion of technology to accomplish the functional goals.

Manage teams better with alternatives to VMWare

Apps4Rent has launched an accomplished hosting service with SharePoint Online Support, whose servers reside in Microsoft run data centers. Thus, the subscribers get the uninterrupted support of proven data maintenance specialists, a situation that is quite favorable for running business with no downtime.

SharePoint is available online and the users can collaborate with each other on any android device. Thus, it is only due to the flexibility of this hosting service that the users can manage their team activities without staying glued to their work stations. The users get full access to all the resources provided in the office premises. Thus, imagine the detailed nature of the presentations made using SharePoint where the presenter has full office on his fingertips to paint a technologically advanced picture in front of the client. This complete access to resources anywhere anytime is what virtual desktops and virtual hosts promise to deliver to their client.

Get synchronized better with virtually collaborating software

SharePoint from Apps4Rent, a Microsoft Cloud Service provider is complete collaborative software that helps in achieving real time synchronization of information across the connected devices. Thus, all the team members have the most updated information pool, all of which is in sync with the companion users. All the subscribers can select the suitable SharePoint Plans according to their operational needs.

Users need a systematic hosting solution that provides ample storage facility, easy content management, better approach towards problem solving and synchronized collaboration of activities. Such coordinated networks find their best use in present scenario where projects are maintained across the globe with team members operating from various geographical coordinates. Hence, go truly virtual with alternatives to VMWare and enjoy higher degree of freedom.


Regular People Have Important Files on Hard Drives Worth Recovering Too

Sure, businesses can lose money and maybe even jeopardize future earnings when hard drives fail in their computers. However, regular folks have important data on their hard drives too. Think of all those pictures of friends and families and important days like birthdays and holidays. What about all those moments caught on video that were stored on a hard drive that failed? Companies that do data recovery, such as Alba Data Recovery, can help no matter if it is a business computer or grandma’s old desktop computer.

People have important records on their computers from tax returns to important letters they have made on a word processor. And the one thing people just do not do is make backups of their hard drives on a regular basis. Most businesses with important data have hard drive RAID systems that duplicate drives. If one fails, there are two or three or more copies of the same information. Storing data in the cloud is another option. Still, even though options are available to prevent data loss, people rely and trust hard drives so much that they just do not have any redundancy set up to protect their data. Continue reading →

Putting on My Own Radio Show

I grew up listening to music because both of my parents were very passionate about it. The great thing about them is that they never limited themselves to one type, so I had great exposure to a wide variety of musical tastes in my formative years. I knew as I got older, I wanted to do something musically, but I also knew how hard it was to break into that business. I went to college and got a business degree, but that didn’t stop my dreams from wanting to come true. When I first heard about SHOUTcast, I knew that I had finally found the solution to having the best of both worlds.

While I do not have any music talent myself, I absolutely know music, so I know what is good and what is not. Continue reading →

Online Computer Training

You’ve decided that it’s time to join the 21st century, or perhaps you’re simply looking to brush up on your skills. Either way, it is time to get some computer training, and you are looking at all of your options. One of the most popular options available today for getting training of any kind (computer training included) is the Internet.

Online computer training is one of the easiest and most convenient methods of training available, provided you have a good Internet connection. In fact, it is probably a good idea to have a high speed Internet connection such as DSL or cable service in order to get the most out of this method of training. While a few training sites will work with the standard dial-up service speed, most will not. Add that to the fact that many people who are on dial-up do not achieve the maximum FCC allowed speed of 56 kbps, but average something much slower. That being said, if you’ve got a good, high-speed service, you are ready to sign up for some online computer training!

Online computer training usually consists of several features that appeal to the person wanting to learn from home. One such feature is that you are on your own schedule. Usually there is not a specific time of the day or day of the week that you are required to do your learning or testing. However, there is usually a time limit for completing the course, especially if it is training that you have paid for. The resources and any reference materials from the course are only available while you are training and /or testing, and cannot usually be accessed after the expiration date of your training or subscription.

Materials are presented in many different ways as well. Some online computer training sites have quite a bit of information available for study as e-books in the almost universal PDF format. This format from Adobe has been popularized mainly because of its wide adaptability to different operating systems and computing platforms. It will work with the PC running almost any version of Windows, as well as the Macintosh from Apple. In addition to e-books, a lot of training sites take advantage of the broadband revolution by presenting material in various video formats. This is one of the principle reasons why it is recommended that you have broadband Internet access if you are going to take advantage of online computer training.

Another way to take advantage of online training is to locate training that may be available for free. There are many forums and websites that will present information that will provide great online computer training. This information is free, but it is up to you to dig in and learn. This type of ‘training’ is best utilized by those who are self-starters, motivated to teach themselves as much as they can by reading and researching the vast array of material available online. There have been many cases of people who are self-taught using this method to learn everything from HTML and CSS to how to build a computer.

Manufacturing systems

Manufacturing systems typically refers to industrial automation in a production environment. Here, we review some essential points of manufacturing and test systems for industrial automation, along with how they can be integrated to provide a complete system.

In the modern manufacturing environment, there are a number of principles and methods that can be implemented to improve productivity and increase output, while maintaining quality. Lean manufacturing is one such approach and involves reduced batch sizes, shortened lead times and enhanced production flexibility. Typically, lower levels of stock are held and although not always ideal for all permanent large-scale production tasks, this usually offers business advantages in the modern marketplace. A twin-pronged approach is often preferred, using the flexibility and customisation offered by re-configurable machinery with a general simplification of processes. Bosch Rexroth specialised in lean manufacturing projects of this type.

Assembly technologies often use ergonomically designed workplaces with a U-shaped flow, with pieces or assemblies following a well-planned and organised process. Machines are designed to save space and avoid excess consumption; supplies of parts are organised to minimise disruption. Quality and ease of maintenance are considered important. Even in linear production lines, many of these techniques can be employed in what is sometimes called a hybrid system.

Robotic devices are often used with several robotic arms controlled by a central computer. Modern manufacturing systems use this continuously advancing technology to handle materials, lift objects, wrap or package goods. They can also be programmed to dispense exact quantities of liquids or solids, or to paint- for instance, in car factories and assembly lines. Some robots are programmed to carry out repeated actions, others can be designed and programmed to test for quality criteria and then select a course of action depending on the results. This data can be obtained from digital sensors and fed to the computer; this is called computer integrated manufacturing. Many complete processes have been automated in this way.

When selecting a manufacturing systems supplier, ongoing post-sales service and committed support are key points to check. In a manufacturing environment, the aim is to maximise reliability and avoid down time. This company offers a complete range of tailored, reliable solutions for industrial automation and service, based on years of experience of supporting companies in their production activities and in round-the-clock production environments. We have worked with well-known organisations in different industries using tried-and-tested techniques, with reliable assemblies and quality components.

If you would like further information about how we can help your company, please contact us here. We will be pleased to listen to your requirements, consider the options and advise you on effective and efficient solutions.

Avoiding Improprieties In Online Computer Training Courses

Online computer training courses are offered by both reputable institutions and sometimes not-so-reputable sources. The problem in determining which is which can be determined through appropriate resources. The purpose of this article is to provide a few guidelines as to what to look for when you are looking for online computer training. Regardless of the course taken, this may prove helpful.

More and more students are taking to the internet to solve a common dilemma: lack of time to obtain classroom instruction. This has created a niche for education professionals: online computer training courses. These courses are numerous and cover topics from astrology to zoology and everything in between. Starting with the information provided below may prove helpful:

Reputation: One of the first signs or signals of impropriety to look for when evaluating an online computer training course is reputation. Are there reviews available for the company or group offering the training? If not, this may be a negative indication. If there are, do they post both favorable and unfavorable reviews? If so, this may indicate an open-mindedness towards criticism on the part of the staff.

Accredited or Not: Is the particular online computer training course accredited? If not, depending on your needs, this may prove to be a wasted effort on your part. Though you may feel as though you’ve learned something, it may prove to be worthless as it pertains to advancing a degree. Accreditation should be looked at with scrutiny. A good source for determining accreditation is through a Google search for accredited online colleges.

Physical Location: Is the staff located in one physical location or does correspondence go to a post office box? A company that doesn’t have a physical location on a map could be another sign of impropriety. Without a physical location to visit and or lodge a complaint can prove to be difficult in the event of legal problems such as settling a dispute. Some online computer training courses offer interaction through electronic mail (Email), this should not be taken as a negative unless there is no corresponding physical address.

Contact Information: Is telephonic conversation done through a 1-800 number? Often times dummy corporations and other illegal activities are coordinated through 800 numbers. That’s not to say that this by itself should be a deciding factor: some operate call centers through a network of 800 numbers to lessen expenses. Is there an alternate contact phone number? Again, not solely a disqualifying factor however it is a plus to find that there is a non 800 number available.

Catalog: Is the company offering the online computer course, offering only one course or do they possess a catalog of courses available? Providing a singular course is a bad sign. Just as a traditional college doesn’t concentrate on one discipline of study, neither should a reputable institution offering online computer training courses.

As in any online endeavor that may have an effect on your future, due diligence should be taken prior to a financial commitment. The suggestions made in this article are not all inclusive and should not be taken singularly as an indication of impropriety; rather in whole or in combination.

SEO Success Story: From a local factory to a regional distributor

In June 2013, we added a new project to our portfolio: Crystal Chocolatier. The task assigned to our web agency and SEO company was to build a website that will make it to the first results on Google and generate business leads to the chocolate factory. It was a challenge as Crystal Chocolatier was, back then, a small chocolate factory located in a Lebanese mountain serving mostly individuals in the neighborhood. Wanting to expand their reach to the region, they decided to have an online presence that targets retailers. So our job was to create and optimize a website that targets chocolate shops in the MENA region searching on Google for a chocolate provider. Challenge accepted!

A year after developing the website and setting up the SEO strategy for specific countries, we witnessed an increase in traffic of around 350%. About 88% of these visits were generated by Google and other referring sites. For those that are not familiar with the term, referrals are a source of traffic coming from manually placed links on other websites. Furthermore, less than a year later, the website’s visits witnessed a growth of 65%.

The challenge wasn’t simply to generate traffic, but to attract quality visits of potential business leads. Therefore, the keywords our SEO experts carefully chose corresponded to the mostly searched expressions on Google by chocolate shops. Today, the new factory is competing with established brands, like Patchi and Souchet, by appearing on Google’s first page of search results. Terms like “chocolate factory Middle East” and “chocolate Lebanon” became the main source of visits to the website in several targeted countries. Consequently, traffic from the entire region increased, for example, visits from UAE grew by 200%.

As a result of this positioning on Google and the increase of relevant traffic, more businesses started contacting the chocolate factory to request their products. Crystal Chocolatier experienced a growth of more than 100% in leads directly from the website. The number of phone calls and emails from prospective clients also increased since the SEO strategy’s implementation.

Google recently updated their search algorithm to make mobile-friendliness a ranking signal. So, to maintain their ranking, the factory’s website was amended to adapt to mobile screen sizes. Today, Crystal Chocolatier reached their goals by competing with well-known brands. So, when done properly, SEO helps businesses achieve their business objectives.

Developing Databases with Database Workbench Pro

Database Workbench Pro provides a full-featured database development environment complete with a wide range of tools and features including diagramming tools, a schema browser, visual object editors, a test data generator and more. It supports a wide range of database formats, including SQL Server, MySQL, Firebird, Oracle, NexusDB, Anywhere, Sybase SQL, InterBase and MSDE.

Full Unicode Support

Thanks to complete support for the Unicode standard, this database development tool is fully prepared for the international, multilingual marketplace. You can create, display and edit data in any language supported by the industry-standard Unicode, and this support even extends to meta data. Additionally, users can export and import Unicode data as well as transfer it between different database systems.

Consistent User Interface

If you’re working with multiple different database systems, you have probably already experienced the frustration of having to deal with completely different user interfaces when working with the tools provided by database vendors. However, Database Workbench Pro provides a unified database development environment for cross-platform compatibility and seamless switching between working with different database formats. With a single, familiar tool at your disposal, the learning curve is greatly reduced as is the time and money involved in database development.

Design, Implement, Debug and Maintain Your Databases

These are the four core features of Database Workbench Pro. Thanks to agnostic visual design tools, you can create new databases with relative ease or even create and manage multiple databases using a single editing source. You can generate visual diagrams from existing databases or design databases elsewhere and implement them using the provided visual editor or scripting utility.

Thanks to the versatile and powerful visual editors and management tools as well as SQL and scripting tools, you can easily implement your preferred database design. The software supports drag-and-drop editing using SQL Insight as well as source-code editors allowing you to conduct your work in a far more efficient manner. Using the object editor and database navigator, you can also view object dependencies.

With a wide range of testing and debugging tools, Database Workbench Pro provides everything that you need to get your database projects ready for everyday use. A built-in text data generator provides the facility for volume testing, while the provided SQL editor features a comprehensive analysis tool, visual query plan and visual query builder and an execution timer. You can also debug a stored procedure, package, trigger or function with the powerful debugging tool provided.

Database Workbench Pro provides a set of simple monitoring tools for maintaining your database, making it an ideal solution for database administrators who need to ensure a reliable working system at all times. There’s nothing stopping administrators from modifying their existing databases either, thanks to the provision of the database compare tool that allows you to generate a change script. Additionally, the script recorder feature allows you to track changes, and you can easily extract scripts from existing objects or copy the change script from each object editor.

Database Workbench Pro is a powerful tool designed with versatility and ease of use in mind, making it an excellent solution for both database administrators and developers. Find out more at

What Features Should I Look For In Business Management Software?

Business management software is an incredibly important feature of your business, as it helps streamline and organize your daily tasks, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your business. With so much of your daily operations interacting with your software, it is important to ensure that the software you select can manage all of these areas efficiently. Thus, it is important for your business management software to have these following features to ensure that your entire business is being organized.

Customer Manager: Having business management software that can handle organizing all of your contacts is an essential feature, as it provides you with one central database to find all of your customers and their information. Managing all of your contacts on sticky notes and pieces of paper is disorganized, and oftentimes phone numbers and addresses are lost in the chaos. By inputting all of your contacts information into one area, this ensures that no contact is lost and helping you stay in control of your potential business opportunities.

Accounting: Business management software that is capable of keeping track of your account payables and receivables creates fewer headaches during tax season. It allows you to assess the financial health of your business, giving you a clear indication as to where you’re losing money and what aspects of your business you need to improve in order to maximize growth and profitability of your business.

Invoice Manager: Providing invoices on pieces of paper is an inefficient and disorganized way of running your business, as you have no way of tracking what price you gave to which customer. By using business software that can manage invoices, you can keep track of all of your completed jobs and what customers still owe you money.

Scheduling: As a small business owner, your time is incredibly valuable to the success of your business – more jobs means more work which means more money in your pocket. Having a scheduling component in your software allows you to manage your time more efficiently, instead of worrying about double-booking jobs and scrambling from one site to the next.

Being a small business owner is no easy task, as you are required to manage a variety of different tasks over the course of the day. However, a good business management software is able to help your organize these tasks, making them more manageable and less time consuming. This will allow you the freedom to focus on what’s most important for you and your business.

Detailed Retail Construction Drawings Play a Key Role in Design-Bid-Build Projects

The design-build model of project delivery is one of the most used approaches, particularly for large-scale, high-end architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) projects. These include infrastructure projects, such as healthcare and medical research facilities, airport terminals, bridges, educational institutes, and large custom homes. Nevertheless, very few residential and retail construction/redevelopment projects, primarily with tight budgets, use the design-build delivery method. Department stores, supermarkets, warehouse stores, and shopping centres / malls which are not linked to multinational retail owners and have a limited geographical reach fall into this category.

In case of such projects, a design/architectural firm is contracted to come up with the designs, plans, drawings, and detailed specifications which clearly convey the architect’s / designer’s intent. After initial meetings between the owner and architect/designer, all retail construction drawings are finalised. Depending on the scope of the project, this set includes floor plans, internal& external elevations, construction plans, setting out drawings, composite plans, finishing plans, lighting plans, ceiling plans and sections.

Once all the plans and CAD drawings are in place, the project undergoes a competitive bidding process used to shortlist a general contractor (main contractor) to implement the construction work mapped out in the detailed retail construction documents. Since this design–bid–build method of project delivery involves roping in distinct teams for design/planning and construction, detailed and accurate retail construction drawing sets play a key role in ensuring that the change orders on-site are avoided. Owing to a significant reduction of change orders during construction, the time, effort, and resources that would have been wasted on rework or modification are saved.

Whilst the retail construction drawing sets are important to seek site permits and regional building licenses, the level of detail/development necessitated by the permit documents are far less than what ideally need to be passed on to the general contractors (main contractors). Moreover, in the design-bid-build method, the amount of information incorporated in the construction drawing sets determine, to a large extent, the number of change orders. Since the construction documents are made especially to seek permits from the local authorities feature less detail, the competitive bids from all the participating general contractors (main contractors) will be lower; however, the lower bids will not truly reflect the nature of project’s requirements.

As a result, detailed, clear, and unambiguous retail design drawings significantly lessen the chances of unanticipated change orders on site. When the chances of change orders reduce, the project becomes more profitable and completes on time, which is precisely what all the key parties involved in the project strive for. In order to achieve this, designers/architects involved in such design-bid-build projects perform constructability review of design at regular phases during the pricing phases.

In some cases, designers/architects rope in offshore CAD services providers to prepare detailed production drawing sets for them. Experienced companies providing retail design and documentation services take basic conceptual and schematic designs or sketches from the architects and deliver detailed construction drawing sets as per requirements. This enables architects to efficiently focus on seeking client’s and local council’s approvals over schematic designs, manage the project effectively, and administer construction-related issues.

All things considered, detailed retail construction drawing sets and specifications not only benefit designers, architects, and contractors but also reduces construction change-orders, which effectively leads to on-time and within-budget project delivery for relatively small-scale retail construction projects using design-bid-build delivery method.