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How To Send And Receive Sms Using Computer And Gsm Modem

Short Message Service (SMS) or TXT messaging is a technology that enables users to send and receive text messages via mobile phones. Apart for personal usage, SMS can also be used for business purpose, such as sending products promotions to customers, receiving customers feedback, informing customers about upcoming events, and even more sophisticated tasks like hosting SMS survey or contest.

In order to perform these business operations, there is a need to have a solution that supports sending/receiving of SMS via computers. Such a solution can be achieved by using a gsm modem that connect to the computer, and a relevant software that can communicate with the gsm modem.

To communicate with the gsm modem, one would need to transmit standard AT commands via serial port. In this article, I will show the most basic AT commands required for sending and receiving of SMS in text mode.

1.Set preferred message format (+CMGF)

There are two message formats supported: text mode and PDU mode. In this article, I shall illustrate the easier text mode.

To set the preferred message format as text mode:

Possible response from the gsm modem: OK

2.Send SMS (+CMGS)

To send an SMS in text mode:
AT+CMGS=”da”"CR”"text to be sent”"Ctrl-Z”

is destination address, the recipients number you want to send your sms to
is carriage return
is the text message you want to send
is the character 0x1A, or pressing Ctrl key and Z key together

For example, to send the message How are you? to the number 12345678, you key in:

The gsm modem will response with the character >. Then you key in your text:
>How are you?

The gsm modem will respond with the following if successful:

is the message reference, which is a number from 0 to 255 returned by the gsm modem. This number begins with 0 and is incremented by one for each outgoing message.

3.Receive SMS (+CMGR)

When a new sms arrived, the gsm modem would send the following byte stream:

To read the message, the computer/software needs to send the command:

The gsm modem will respond with something similar to the following:
+CMGR: REC UNREAD,12345678, 08/10/01 18:20:35+00,
How are you?

The first part is the command +CMGR, the second part is the status of the message (in this case it is UNREAD), the third portion is the senders mobile number, the forth portion is the base station time-stamp, followed by the the carriage return and line feed characters, the message content, and finally the OK terminating character.

This article aims to provide an introductory guide to how to send/receive sms using computer. The AT commands and packing of PDU mode are much more complex and will not be discussed in this article.

How To Choose Mahogany, Teak And Walnut Home Office Desks

The actual difference between making use of a wooden dining table or a wooden PC desk is the space for storage supplied. If you are using an established table, you wind up being forced to arrange the personal CPU unit on the work surface area, or the ground, which could look unpleasant.

Evaluating Desk Storage Space Supplied..

Fortunately, computer desk furniture normally have a specific space that you want to have the ability to put this cumbersome product in. These desks should similarly have roomy drawers, or a hutch region for keeping extra things like publications, paperwork and so forth.

Versatile Workstations, Corner And L-Shaped Desks

Diverse styles and shades of dark wood personal computer desks include those work stations with a number of locations readily available for certain items. Height adaptable workstations, corner computer desk models and L-shaped work areas are all bought from stunning dark wood styles.

Classic Walnut, Oak And Teak Computer Desks..

There are several distinct woods and surface finishes to pick from. Walnut computer desks, oak and teak are usually used in many home work places where the user likes to sit in magnificence – and why not, but the majority of certain types of wood can be varnished with chemical dyes and numerous tones to complete a darker finish, but this task is most likely best left to an expert.

Choose A Mahogany Or Ebony Wood Computer Desk For Your Study

If you do have the desire to colour your desk, some stain surface finishes used these days include cherry, dark mahogany and ebony wood treatment options. Steer clear of those wood desks that are usually painted with a base colour, which hides the all-natural grain and entire physical appearance of the wood, if it is wood in the slightest.

Purchasing Affordable Wooded PC Desks..

Furthermore, be aware that a few of the more affordable wood PC desks may in fact be made of hardboard or internal ‘MDF’, with the outer surface area protected with a very thin layer of legitimate wood. Many individuals have been ‘duped’ previously with this approach to marketing and advertising deceit.

Desk Design, Organic Looks And Durability

Any modest dark wood desk is a fulfilling selection – and does not need to be too expensive, but do be aware of inexpensively constructed bogus wood desks. A high quality dark wood PC desk is definitely strongly suggested because of its ‘in-situ’ design, organic characteristics and durability.

We hope you learned somethiing about choosing mahogany, teak or dark wood computer desks for your home office study. See more office desks – visit

Gfxcore DLL Error – How to Fix Gfxcore DLL Error Effectively within Few Mouse Clicks

completely fix Gfxcore dll error and other computer errors, I highly recommend you to click here: Completely Fix Gfxcore dll error”>Are you feeling deeply annoyed by the constantly popped- up gfxcore dll error when you are working on a project or running a program for your paper? Do you want to completely get rid of the Blue Screen of Death errors coming with Gfxcore dll error easily and effectively? If you fail to fix Gfxcore dll error manually, you’d better take a gfxcore dll error fixer’s service into account.

What is Gfxcore dll error?

Gfxcore dll error is one of the toughest computer errors which are mostly tied with Invalid Windows Registry, Third-party software that is damaged or incorrectly installed, spyware attacks and incorrect version of the Gfxcore.dll file. If your computer is encountering the serious Gfxcore dll error, I highly recommend you to install a reliable and fully- featured Gfxcore dll error Fixer on your computer.

If you cannot fix Gfxcore dll error in your computer and you fail to find out a Gfxcore dll error fixer, you will be bombard with:

l Blue Screen of Death errors

l Gfxcore dll error and related error messages

l Annoying DLL errors, registry errors and EXE error

l Windows Installer Errors, ActiveX Errors, Windows Media player Errors, l sass.exe , svchost.exe &other exe Errors

l Constant system freezes

l System and software crashes

l Malware threats

If your computer is encountering Gfxcore dll error, the best way is to enable a high- engineered and fully- featured Gfxcore dll error Fixer on your computer due to the fact that the Windows operating system is so complicated for you to handle with even if you are a computer professional. A highly- engineered and fully- featured Gfxcore dll error Fixer comes with ultra-powerful options and high-performance detection algorithm that can offer you absolutely professional solutions to safely and quickly fix Gfxcore dll error within few mouse clicks. Furthermore, it is intended to provide you with helpful service to thoroughly fix the Annoying DLL errors, registry errors and EXE error and other complicated errors in your computer.

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How to Apply for Canara Bank Online Banking

Canara Bank Internet banking is a costless utility offered to each Canara client. It is accessible to all commercial and corporate clientele of the bank.

It is available 24 hours to provide chance to all clients to course their bank account every-time and anyplace all over the globe. You can operate your account online with the opportunity to avail mobile banking that became a substantial mechanism for many clients.

Features of Canara Bank Internet Banking

Canara bank provide services that is ready for use in each local department upon the assistance of their online banking facility. One of the primary forms of handling customers bank account is through Internet banking service offered by the bank.

The preceding are special profile which you may get for the internet banking service offered by Canara: manage as well as track your expenditures, move money in different bank accounts, conveniently see past bank statements and loan details, request for another checks, request for document copies of your statements, without difficulty update your contact details and private information, monitor your account to see any doubtable activity, make a stop amortization for checks disseminated and get substantial alerts and necessary data.

Login and Enrollment

Each customers with an ongoing bank account who wants to course their bank account online should program the form from their website or directly obtain the paper from their local bank.

Once you have listed, you may be given an username and password to be able to login in your new account. You may fully course all the services online by your online account.

Canara bank is also catering a video of their Internet banking platform that provides guidelines to all of their client on whereby to navigate and use their website. This is very beneficial to every clientele since they can easily access a plenty of services in the comfort of their very own household.

The bank is also providing security features to make certain that every transaction of their clients is safe. This consist of the 128-bit encryption which is the international standard for every computer security when it comes to delicate information and financial data.

Online account owners may as well replace their username and password from time to time for increase security.

World wide web banking is one of a kind utility that may give ease, convenience, and soundness to all clients. When utilizing for its internet banking, you should provide necessary requirements and the necessary data that you be obliged to furnish while registration.

Caleb Mateo is a money blogger who loves writing about financial management, banking, investments and make money online. To get helpful information on how to apply a Canara Bank Online Account Internet Banking account, you should drop by his blog.

How to Remove False Comdlg32.dll.mui File and Prevent Comdlg32.dll.mui Error For Ever

Do you receive Comdlg32.dll.mui error message from time to time? Do you want to fix the Comdlg32.dll.mui error immediately? This article is just right for you to fix the Comdlg32.dll.mui error. >

Comdlg32.dll.mui is a key system file in windows system. The Comdlg32.dll.mui file also becomes a popular target of virus, spyware and malware. More information about Comdlg32.dll.mui file is as following:

Normal location: C:\Windows\system32 folder

Registry section: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services

Entry: Comdlg32.dll.mui

Pay attention that Comdlg32.dll.mui may be a virus, worm, Trojan or spyware or it can be infected by those threats. If your computer has related Comdlg32.dll.mui error constantly, you should check whether your Comdlg32.dll.mui is a legal file or a false Comdlg32.dll.mui file.

How to identify whether it is infected or a fake Comdlg32.dll.mui file

1. Identify which program lead to Comdlg32.dll.mui error. If you always receive Comdlg32.dll.mui error message when you run a program, you can try to uninstall the error program and then download a new one, or update the program to the latest version.

2. Find out all Comdlg32.dll.mui files in your drive and see whether there is one that does not locate in the normal folder mentioned.

Click Start Menu — In the start menu click “Find” — click “Files and Folders” – in the “Find all Files” Box enter “Comdlg32.dll.mui” — click “Find Now”. You will get the searching result on the right.

3. Run Task Manager to see whether a process under the same name of Comdlg32.dll.mui or a similar name is taking excessive system resource. You can highlight the process and then end it.

4. Download a new Comdlg32.dll.mui file to replace the original Comdlg32.dll.mui file which causes errors. Sometime, it can not fix the Comdlg32.dll.mui error, but you can still run applications.

The best way to fix Comdlg32.dll.mui error is to remove infected or fake Comdlg32.dll.mui file by a professional anti-virus program. Do you want to know such an effective antivirus program? Spyware Cease is just a right tool for you to fix Comdlg32.dll.mui error instantly. Online scan is free for you here. Scan your Comdlg32.dll.mui file and fix your problem by simple clicks.

How To Remove Drm From Adobe Digital Editions Ebook

Adobe Digital Editions offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and other digital publications. Use it to download and purchase digital content, which can be read both online and offline. User can transfer copy-protected eBooks from your personal computer to other computers, but you can’t print your book or read it on other, the ebooks has .ACSM extension, most of these have DRM system, this tutorial about how to remove DRM protection from Digital Editions ebook legally,so that you can copy and read your book freely.

1. Download Adobe Digital Editions Converter , a tool that has been able to break nearly every Adobe ebook encryption.

2. Open Adobe Digital Editions reader, open your book, goto first page.

3. Run Adobe Digital Editions Converter, it is 4 steps wizard, just click “next” button and go through, click “Capture” button in step 4, it start to capture ebook reader screen, do touch computer when it is working.

If all went well, youll now be the proud owner of another, unencrypted version of your ebook.

there are 2 tips,
1. you get better quality PDF file if you have have a large computer monitor, higher windows desktop resolution, the better conversion result.

2. Don’t touch computer when it is working.

Which Dinosaur Documentaries Should You Let Your Kids Watch

Do you still remember Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park made into film by Steven Speilberg? It tells the story of genetically engineered dinosaurs placed on an island in South America called Jurassic Park. As expected, things went wrong, the dinosaurs went wild, and caused death to many who were inside the amusement park. The film appealed very much in our fascination to those huge reptiles that lives and dominated the Earth many eons ago, the reason why it was a very popular film. In fact, many Dinosaur Documentaries have been filmed even before and many more after Jurassic Park. Aside from the documentaries on TV, there are also available films on DVD, which can be great educational tools that both kids and adults would definitely enjoy.

There are documentaries made for kids so that early on in their lives, they will be well aware of the many amazing things about dinosaurs. If you are looking for Best Dinosaur Documentaries, you can check out different video stores whether locally or over the Internet. Look for the Ultimate Dinosaur Collection released by BBC Video in 2007, which features three discs containing videos titled “Before the Dinosaurs: Walking with Monsters,” “Walking with Dinosaurs,” “Allosaurs,” “Chased by Dinosaurs,” and “Trilogy of Life: The Making of Walking with Dinosaurs, Beasts, and Monsters.” Meanwhile, Discovery Channel’s Discovery Essential Dinosaur Pack, released in 2008, contains seven of the most popular dinosaur documentaries of the said channel. As with the first one, it uses computer-generated animation of dinosaurs. Another popular dinosaur documentary is Prehistoric Earth: Natural History, released in 2008 by BBC Video.

Other dinosaur videos that are more kid-friendly include Sesame Street: Dinosaurs!, and National Geographic: Really Wild Animals. The Sesame Street version is a great way to introduce dinosaurs to kids since popular characters like Elmo explore the dinosaur world in a very imaginative manner in the videos. In the National Geographic video, aside from dinosaurs, creepy crawlers, bats, and insects are also explored. It is very entertaining to watch the video because it is accompanied by rock music and uses a lot of humor to remove the scary aspect of dinosaurs. If you are searching for good sources of information about dinosaurs, supplement your encyclopedias and books with these documentaries. Parents are however advised to read reviews first because there are videos that are not very accurate when depicting the dinosaurs, there are also videos that may be too complicated for children to understand. Make sure that the documentaries that you will get for your kids are appropriate for their ages so that they can easily understand their contents.

Get Toshdpapi.dll Error Message – How to Remove False Toshdpapi.dll File

Toshdpapi.dll is a windows system file. Usually, the file will be shared by some programs, therefore when the toshdpapi.dll file in your system is malfunctioning or can not load in, those related programs will be affected certainly. >

The toshdpapi.dll error message always shows up when you are about to run a related program or at windows startup. Once you close the toshdpapi.dll message box, the program you want to run would be shut off immediately.

What are the common causes of toshdpapi.dll error?

The toshdpapi.dll error is usually caused by missing file or corrupted file. Specific situation are as following:

1. The file is infected by a virus or a virus disguise itself as a toshdpapi.dll file. It is very common, as virus trend to target important system files.

2. The toshdpapi.dll file is mistakenly deleted or double during windows automatic updates or when you are downloading or uninstalling a program.

3. The toshdpapi.dll error is caused by corrupted registry entries.

How to fix toshdpapi.dll error?

As we know the common causes of toshdpapi.dll error, we can fix the error easily now. However, you should know the fastest fix way. Among so many causes, virus infection takes the biggest possibility. The fake file will cause many other computer errors. You need a security program to fix toshdpapi.dll error now.

First, update your security program now to make sure the signature database is the latest version; second, disconnect your computer with internet; last, scan every file in your system to detect the toshdpapi.dll virus.

If your security program can not detect the virus infecting toshdpapi.dll file, you should download Spyware Cease, which is proved to remove the fake toshdpapi.dll file and fix the error instantly.

Gains and Benefit of Computer Computers

In this action-packed world everyone applies more technically innovations things or units but the fact is of which nothing can replace the importance and selling point of old ones. Similarly, in the event we take a glimpse view over pc, we will find that netbooks are replacing desktop computer so fast, yet here again the other factor works which, we can’t forget the rewards & benefit of Desktop Personal computers.

Laptops are fundamentally popular because of their transferability and light weight, So as to hangout with these laptops wherever you want and accomplish your work, but therefore factor laptops conveniently can be stolen as well as loose you significant and valuable information and information. Even though, they are designed in much more trendy and desirable style, but you must so cautious retaining and carrying all of them because of their delicacy.

You can purchase two Desktop personal computers in price of an one laptop, that means notebooks are more costly than desktops and have more private parts which are solely repaired or replaced by the brand alone and after expiring the particular warranty period they will charge whatever they wish. Whereas desktops are typically repairable at local laptop repairing shop during very affordable prices.

Desktop computers are more readily available and comfortable to use longer period of time. You can’t work towards laptops for longer period, as you start experiencing uncomfortable while on personal computers the sitting posture and eyes yardage from its monitor ladies them to be more at ease and relaxing period so that you can spend enough time with it. And of course it really is worthless to go for the more expensive thing just by the sake with fashion and pattern when we can do your work with desktop during faster speed and within our comfortable area.

So being both equally laptop and desktop user, I do in person suggest everyone to get desktop computers rather owing a high costed laptop if they can carry out the same work perched on desktops, and so on the whole desktop pc’s are far better than notebook computer, yes if you to be a professional travel a great deal, then obviously it might be necessary to have a pc, but you can see persons are owning laptops whether they are not using them so often, but look classy and standardized they buy it, so for me personally that is a thoughtless decision throwing away money, so first notice your needs then choose a system.

To find out more about this topic, visit Desktop Computer Price List

Uninstall SpyHunter 4 with WindowsUninstaller Org Removal Tips

If you are interested in a way to fully uninstall as well as remove SpyHunter 4 then you’ve arrive at the right place. Here I will give you a step by step removal plan which you can use immediately. >

Also, if you undoubtedly don’t understand any of this kind of instruction, then don’t worry, around the bottom of this article I’ll place a link that will lead to an uninstall software that operates 100% automatically.

Uninstall by yourself
You can do it via the uninstall link that is included with the installation and is seen in the Start Menu folder. Once you click the uninstall link, you follow the instructions while SpyHunter 4 does the do the job.
However, doing this you not just needs to uninstall SpyHunter 4, but you must also scan your drivers and go through your registry as a way to fully remove the program. So could it be very time consuming and a little hard for you?

Besides, commencing your registry can be hazardous. Because once you delete the incorrect file, then it’s possible that you get with your computer not doing the job properly!

Therefore if you intend to fully remove the application out of your computer, it’s highly recommended you use professional uninstaller software.

Remove it by having an uninstall software tool
Uninstaller programs make doing away with Hotspot Shield much easier, because it protects all the deep-rooted bits in the program hiding in the registry and other places on your computer. Since most computer users aren’t educated enough to go in registry and eliminate keys, they may do more harm than a-ok in on their own. An uninstaller program helps manage these keys and other files around the system that the uninstaller leaves behind.

A great uninstaller can 100% safely uninstall SpyHunter 4 out of your computer.